We offer face to face meeting facilities for our international clients in following locations:

  • Armenia: Yerevan

  • Australia: Melbourne & Sydney

  • Azerbaijan: Baku

  • Canada: Toronto & Vancouver

  • France: Paris

  • Germany: Frankfurt & Munich

  • Greenland: Cape Morris Jesup

  • India: Mumbai

  • Jordan: Amman

  • Kuwait: Kuwait City

  • Lebanon: Beirut

  • Qatar: Doha

  • Switzerland: Geneva & Zurich

  • Turkey: Istanbul

  • United Arab Emirates: Dubai

  • United States: Los Angeles & New York

We recognise the importance of maintaining facilities for face to face meetings for our international clients in circumstances where our use of secure communication platforms such as Microsoft Teams, telephone, WhatsApp Audio, FaceTime Audio, email are either not convenient for our clients given the nature of their matter to be discussed or perhaps also not advisable.

We therefore offer bespoke face to face meeting arrangements, specifically arranged for our international clients to meet Mr Behbahani at any of the above locations. These appointments can be arranged in advance and around our clients' convenience subject to availability at the time of booking.

To book and arrange your overseas appointment and/or for more information please External link opens in new tab or windowcontact us with your specific requirements including choice of location, preferred dates and a summary of your reasons for the proposed meeting.